GMA Network offers a sexy and naughty primetime series in JUAN HAPPY LOVE STORY

Beginning May 16, witness the comeback two of the country’s FITSPOs (fit inspirations)—Kapuso Network’s Drama King Dennis Trillo and Philippine TV’s Sweetheart Heart Evangelista—in an exceptionally hot and sexy series in Juan Happy Love Story premiering on GMA’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV.

Dennis Trillo and Heart Evangelista 4This primetime show will excite viewers as they learn to appreciate their own love stories through Juan (Dennis) and Happy’s (Love) journey about how a man and a woman who are worlds apart in their views on life and love find themselves in a whirlwind romance.

In the series, Dennis Trillo is Juan, a responsible and go-getter businessman who is also a certified ‘chick boy.’ He meets Happy played by Heart Evangelista, a feisty and family-oriented woman who relies on signs to find “The One.”

Their life will be tested when they found out they cannot bear a child. As their solution, they decide to adopt a child. The lovers will then find Katkat, a 6-year-old bubbly girl. They embark on a whirlwind romance and eventually marry.

They begin to have marital problems and they decide to separate. But because it will be easier for two parents to adopt a child instead of a single parent, Happy asked Juan to live with her again so that the DSWD will grant their application for adoption. Juan agrees vowing to win Happy back.

Agatha and Bob will then try to intervene. Agatha, played by Kim Domingo, has started falling in love with her business partner, Juan. Bob, to be played by Joross Gamboa, is hoping to win his high school best friend Happy.

With Bob and Agatha’s plan to break Juan and Happy’s marriage, will they be able to legally adopt Katkat? Will they be able to create a family that they have both longed for?

Dennis Trillo 4 Heart Evangelista 4Joining them in Juan Happy Love Story are: Queen of Philippine Cinema Ms. Gloria Romero as Lola Mameng and Mr. Nick Lizaso as Lolo Caloy, Juan’s grandparents; Gardo Versoza as Boyong and Lotlot De Leon as Isay, Happy’s parents; Ericka Padilla as Joy, Happy’s older sister; Joross Gamboa as Bob, Happy’s childhood best friend; Dominic Roco as Henry, Happy’s brother-in-law; Kim Domingo as Agatha, Juan’s business partner; Vincent Magbanua as Lucky, Happy’s youngest brother; Rob Moya is Kyle, Juan’s bestfriend; Leanne Bautista as Katkat, Juan and Happy’s adopted child; Arianne Bautista as Sally, Happy’s friend; Koreen Medina as Lorriane, Kyle’s wife and Happy’s friend; Vince Gamad as Glenn, Juan’s friend.

Witness the naughty and sexy love story of Juan at Happy beginning May 16 on GMA Pinoy TV.

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