Who We Are

The Filipino Canadian Marketing Group, Inc., established in July 2005, serves businesses and organizations by strategically promoting their products and services in key Canadian provinces with high concentration of Filipino population. Our technique is to combine Filipino and non-Filipino marketing strategies and tactics to efficiently tap into these pockets of niche markets; as communities can no longer be treated to exercise pure Filipino culture, neither can they be expected to have succumbed entirely to the Canadian society.

Filipinos have learned to adapt and adjust to their new homeland. However, they tend to keep their core values and traditions intact and we can expect the same with new immigrants coming mostly from the Philippines. Filipinos are of diverse backgrounds, mirroring the multicultural mosaic of Canada itself, with Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish, and American heritage in their bloodlines to name the most common ones. Canadian English mainstream marketing campaigns are not sufficient to reach this racially and culturally diverse market. There is a need to develop a strategic understanding of the basic roots of Filipino culture, values, and traditions, as well as their predominant lifestyles, consumer patterns and psychological predisposition; then add on our unique view of Canadian blend!

The Filipino Canadian Marketing Group will help you acquire that understanding and device a customized marketing campaign specific for your company or organization!