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Filipinos come from the Philippines with an Archipelago of 7,107 islands. There are currently over 100 Ethnic Groups in the Philippines, with over 500 dialects, 78 major languages and 2 National Languages, Tagalog and English. We are notably the largest English Speaking Ethnic Group in Canada!

Filipino Canadians are Canadian citizens or immigrants who are of Filipino ancestry and can trace their roots back to the Philippines. They are typically of South-East Asian Malay descent, with various admixtures of Negrito, Chinese, Indian, Arab, Polynesian bloodlines, with Spanish and other European Heritage. Filipinos have also been greatly influenced by American cultural patterns for almost a century.

The earliest Filipinos that immigrated to Canada were in the late 1960′s. These immigrants were mostly single women who primarily worked as nurses, medical doctors, technologists, and secretaries. In the late 1970s and ’80s, the gender imbalance substantially decreased, as family reunification became a priority of the Canadian Immigration policy. The Top 3 Immigrant Classes that Filipinos go through are: Skilled Worker Class, Family Class and Live-In Caregiver Program, according to Immigration Trends 2006 Multiculturalism and Immigration Branch.

Filipinos are one of the youngest visible minorities in Canada. Filipinos are known to be well educated and industrious. According to Statistics Canada, Filipinos are one of the visible minorities most likely to hold a university degree and least likely not to have completed high school than other adults in Canada. Filipinos have been statistically proven more likely to be involved in the labour force than other visible minorities in Canada. Filipinos are celebrated to be a very family oriented, friendly, hospitable, religious, adaptable, loyal, and diligent kind of people.