Our Reach

We tap highly Filipino Populated Communities across Canada

Greater Toronto, Ontario
Province of Ontario: 203, 215 l Male: 87,025 l Female: 116,190
Toronto (Census Metropolitan Area): 171,980 l Male: 73,810 l Female: 98,170

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia
Province of British Columbia: 88,075 l Male: 37,070 l Female: 51,005
Vancouver (Census Metropolitan Area): 78,890 l Male: 33,800 l Female: 45,090

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Province of Manitoba: 37,790 l Male: 17,880 l Female: 19,905
Winnipeg City: 36,820 l Male: 17,515 l Female: 19,310

Calgary Alberta
Province of Alberta: 51,090 l Male: 21,805 l Female: 29,285
Calgary (Census Metropolitan Area): 25,565 l Male: 11,050 l Female: 14,515

The Filipino population listed above are based on Statistics Canada Census 2006. Please visit Statistics Canada website at www.statscan.gc.ca for more information